jueves, 18 de noviembre de 2010

En INgles :D

Two days before school. Hardly knew, two people, ordinary. One afternoon, almost evening, in a park set on each other. They had no idea who was the other. The girl asked why he kept looking at him and told her friend that heavy, but at the same time, it looked liked, because she did not take his eyes off of him. I thought if I could know it would be great, would be perfect, but none of this, she told her friend as the little boy was a pimp, so to speak, and she was rather pijita. In the mind of the guy, just spent the desire to know, to kiss, to have something with it. But his friends did nothing but criticize. He had to hide, and criticize it too, although not true. The girl, to leave was a little sad, because I knew if I would know anything about it, and would stay with the desire to know. The day came, the first day of school, the two were in third in that, although he had repeated a grade. The girl entered her third class with her friend, both very happy, laughing, but she thought that guy in the park. Sitting at his desk, with his friend, walked through the door that boy, she could not believe it was wonderful.She sat behind her, and she kept looking at him. Rang the bell and came out into the hallway, he was approached from behind and said he had seen the other day in the park, but saw his friends by the end of the hall, and left him alone, not to see could tellnothing. They spent a few weeks and the boy did not dare say anything, neither did she. But Professor of Castilian, put them together in a job, they were delighted, but it appeared, then she asked why it was so fast the other day, and he replied that he had to go to a site. It gave the tuenti, messenger, and talked a lot. But the court left him alone again, for his friends. She loved him, and apparently he, too, but did not know what happened. She said it was wrong, that if they had been angry, but he made the same excuse. One day, after a long time, he sent her a private message telling him I loved him, he felt having done this. She was very excited, and replied that she and nothing happened. The next day they were all day together, he no longer cared what they thought their friends. From that day were dating, did very well, and his friends did not care.Berta Navarro.

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